About Us

We are not human beings
having a spiritual experience

We are spiritual beings
having a human experience

(Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, French Philosopher
and Father of the New Age movement)

Our Mission

The Kirpa Foundation is a non-profit private foundation whose mission is to help charitable programs that enhance the general well-being of individuals and communities.

    We support

  1. 1. Educational programs that "Enrich the mind"
  2. 2. Humanitarian programs that "Care for the body"
  3. 3. Spiritual programs that "Nourish the soul"

"Kirpa" means "Blessing"

In gratitude of the blessings we all receive on a daily basis, we dedicate this foundation to all the kindered spirits who have a passion for serving humanity; and to all the Master spirits that guide and protect us on a daily basis.

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